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  1. Less chemicals to touch
  2. Less chemicals to breath
  3. Reduced cancer risk
  4. Avoid sick building syndrome
  5. Product safer for environment
  6. Reduced packaging for environment
  7. Uses recycled products
  8. Higher efficiency cleaning equipment
  9. Safer for workers, visitors, and customers
  10. Green Clean logo shows people that you care


After viewing Air Quality Solutions web site and video we realized this is a company that fits our requirements. Matts questions qualified our needs and what we could expect. Appreciating our time he was able to give us an idea of the time and cost of the job with out an on site visit. Once he and his team arrived to clean our vents we were very surprised what they found. We have a 6 year old home with an in floor heating system, the sand, building debris and Asian Beatles that were removed was astonishing. The attention to detail AQS showed with our furnishings, painted vent covers and the fact that they cleaned every vent cover and everything was put back into place was extremely satisfying. Our highest recommendations for any one looking for clean vents.

Gina T
Rochester MN


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