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Green Clean Solutions - 24 Hour Guarantee

"12 Steps To A Professional Air Duct Cleaning Job!"

Everyone wants the same thing, true value for their investment.

At Air Quality Solutions we back up our promises with procedures that insure deep-down cleaning.

Download our "12 Steps To A Professional Air Duct Cleaning Job!" PDF or read below.

1) Monster Vacuum

1) Monster Vacuum

Our goal is to remove all of the dust and debris in your ducts. Our gas powered and electric negative air machines are among the most powerful in the duct cleaning industry.

2) Trained HVAC Technicians

2) Trained HVAC Technicians

Unlike carpet cleaning companies our technicians training is H.V.A.C. (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) based. If you don’t understand HVAC systems how can you properly clean them?

3) Protection

We will treat your home with the highest levels of respect. Protective boot covers are worn at all times, doorways and corners are protected against dirt and scratching.

1) Monster Vacuum

4) Negative Air Pressure

The 8” vacuum hose is attached to both the supply and return sides of the system. During the cleaning, all dust and debris is pulled directly to the negative air machines.

2) Trained HVAC Technicians

5) Maximizing Vacuum

All Supply registers and return grilles are removed and covered, maximizing the air flow to each individual run while the cleaning is being performed.

6) Supply Branch Runs

Pulling large volumes of air towards the negative air machines, we now send our scrubbing tools called air whips down each supply run. With 200+ PSI of air pressure they easily remove dust and debris.

1) Monster Vacuum

7) Cold Air Returns

Once all the supply registers are clean, we move to the return air system. This includes sending the air whip down each return run.

2) Trained HVAC Technicians

8) Trunks, Plenums And Drops

Supply and return trunk lines are cleaned with a larger air whip. The supply plenum and return drop are also scrubbed. Pneumatically powered brushes may also be used if needed.

9) Inspection

Trunk lines are inspected with a mirror to insure that all contamination has been removed. The 2 1/2" hole is sealed with a plastic plug to insure there's no air flow loss.

1) Monster Vacuum

10) A/C Evaporation Coil

Some EPA Research suggests that cleaning a dirty coil can improve the efficiency of you’re system. We back flush the coil with 200+ PSI of air pressure to dislodge any build up.

2) Trained HVAC Technicians

11) Furnace Interior

The cleaning is completed with the air-washing and vacuum of the return elbow or filter box, blower fan, cabinet interior and combustion chamber.

12) Wrapping It Up!

New galvanized access panels are installed over the openings created for the vacuum hose. Floors are swept and all debris is removed.

Air Quality Solutions


After viewing Air Quality Solutions web site and video we realized this is a company that fits our requirements. Matts questions qualified our needs and what we could expect. Appreciating our time he was able to give us an idea of the time and cost of the job with out an on site visit. Once he and his team arrived to clean our vents we were very surprised what they found. We have a 6 year old home with an in floor heating system, the sand, building debris and Asian Beatles that were removed was astonishing. The attention to detail AQS showed with our furnishings, painted vent covers and the fact that they cleaned every vent cover and everything was put back into place was extremely satisfying. Our highest recommendations for any one looking for clean vents.

Gina T
Rochester MN

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