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About Service Solutions Center

The Service Solutions Center Green is Rochester Minnesota's premiere choice for commercial cleaning services, air duct cleaning, and building maintenance for office buildings, industrial, retail, and medical.


Our Goal is three-fold:


Quality – Response – Simplicity



Quality control of all cleaning services through hiring practices, training, supervision, follow-up, and software technology for tracking and improvement.



Fast, reliable, measurable response to our customer’s needs, most often the same day. Communication is the key to receiving a quick response. Simply pick up the phone or log on to our Online communications system and our team will be available to you.



We offer a complete package for all our clients. From janitorial cleaning services to project work like carpet cleaning and hard floor care, to providing all types of janitorial cleaning products and supplies. No need to work with several vendors; we’re your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning and supply needs.




Our Story


Green Clean Solutions - Logo

Service Solutions Center

Matthew Kitzmann, President of Service Solutions Center was in the Commercial HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) for 6 years before starting Air Quality Solutions in 2003.  Air Quality Solutions specializes in commercial and residential air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, in addition to sanitation, and disinfection systems.

In January of 2009 Matthew Started Green Clean Solutions which specializes in commercial janitorial.  In December of that year they decided to become a Full Service provider and Service Solutions Center was born.  Air Quality Solutions, Green Clean Solutions, and Maintenance Solutions became divisions of the Service Solutions Center.


What is Full Service?

Full service is the ability to provide all building maintenance services that commercial buildings require.  Why deal with many different companies and contractors?  With Service Solutions Center it is all done under one roof.  Not only can we provide you with janitorial and restroom supplies, we take care of all you special cleaning needs such as Carpet / Upholstery cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Striping and Waxing, Window Washing etc.  But we go one step further and provide all other building maintenance needs such as Plumbing, Electrical and Lighting maintenance, Heating Cooling maintenance and service.  But we don’t stop there we also will manage all aspects of remodeling such as Carpet Repair and Installation, Carpentry and even Painting.

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Electrical

  • Lightning maintenances

  • Construction

  • Painting

  • Document Destruction

  • Electronics Recycling

How is this possible?

We have our own employees handle all of the cleaning needs and we have local companies we partner with for other aspects such as the electrical and plumbing.


How do you benefit from this?

Simple. instead of dealing with many different companies and contractors you deal with just one …US.  Your building will be assigned to a building supervisor who manages all work being performed at your location.


Won’t this cost more?

NOT AT ALL, it will actually SAVE you money!  Our partner companies give us special pricing because of the volume of work we provide them.   We offer their services to you and manage the project and you pay the exact same price you would if you hired them yourself.  The money is saved in the countless man hours your employees will save collecting bids, keeping track of who is working where and when and making sure projects are being completed on time and in the proper order.  We handle all of that for you!




Our Mission Statement



  • To provide full service cleaning and maintenance services to all segments of the market and to do it better than any of our competitors.

  • To deliver the exact services our customers want, listen closely to their expectations, take a pro-active approach in defining their requirements, build the best partnering relationship possible, and continually improve our products and services.

  • To create a company that rewards dependability, integrity and safety, and provides for the training and development of all employees






A commitment to act with honesty and integrity at all times in all aspects of our business, to be professional in doing our job, and to deliver a consistent, high level quality of work.






An understanding that improved performance comes by all employees working together toward a common vision and requires treating all employees with fairness, respect and dignity, providing required training and recognizing risk taking and innovation.

Service Solutions Center


When I first talked to Matt on the phone I was pleasantly suprised at how interested he was in listening to my furnance and drier vent cleaning needs. Very genuine and sounded trustworthy. That was very reassuring for me being a single girl with no family nearby. I needed someone who sounded like family. I had talked to a few other companies and didnt feel the same welcome. Air Quality Solutions impressed me right away!

Katrina B
Rochester MN

Why SSC?

Main Reason for choosing SSC?


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